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At Souk Dance Studio, we believe dancing is the key to happiness! Our studio is a place where students come to make friends, have fun, and relieve daily stressors all while learning how to dance. We offer a variety of services including private dance lessons, group classes, practice parties, memorable events, competitions, showcases, and more, all taught by our passionate instructors. 

Whether you’re new to dancing or have done it for years we’ve got you! Two left feet and can’t find a beat to save your life? No problem, we’ve got you! Just trust us to make dancing easy and fun! Our instructors will customize your dance program to best meet your needs and make learning fun, all while reaching your goals. We pride ourselves as the number one dance studio in the area for both classical and modern dance styles. 

If you want to improve your social dance or simply have some fun, come check us out! We would love for you to join our dance family!

Dances We Teach

We teach a number of popular partner dances including:

Group dance classes

Our Popular Services

Souk Dance Studio Services

Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance

Whether you’re attending an upcoming wedding as a guest or you’re the happy couple looking to show off your moves at the reception. We got you!  
Whether you're looking for a first dance, family dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, bridesmaid dance, groomsmen dance, or a wedding party dance, we got you! Our instructors will create a customized dance program that best fits your dream wedding! Our job is to create your dream dance and we will teach you all it takes to rock the dance floor. Our wedding program is geared toward you. 
It is customized and made to make your big day fun! We know weddings can come with a handful of stress and our goal is to reduce your stress by making sure you have fun, learn and have the confidence to rock your big day! Whether you're looking for a simple elegant dance, a fun unique dance, or a Showcase style, we got you! 
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Practice Parties

Practice Parties

A practice party is a safe place to practice all you learned alongside other students. At the practice party, the teachers will announce to you what the song is playing, and what kind of dance it is and they will be there to help you and dance with you. It is a great way to practice dancing before you hit the real world. It gives you the ability to learn floor craft and move around the dance floor much more smoothly and with more confidence. These practice parties are good for the mind and body and can be a fantastic way to let off steam and escape from the world. A Practice Party is a 40-minute dance session.
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Private Lessons

Private Lessons

A Private lesson is all about you and your goals. Our Instructors will customize your dance program to make sure you reach your goals all in a fun way. A private lesson is a one-on-one 40-minute dance lesson (one instructor, one individual, or a couple).  Private lessons are a great way to boost your self-esteem, confidence, and social skills, all while improving your dancing! 
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Group Classes

Group Classes

Our group classes are fun, educational, and an exciting way to learn new dance moves. A group class is a 40-minute dance session where there will be one instructor and you will learn alongside other students. Group classes are great to work on your leading and following skills and are also a great place to socialize and make friends with other students. We offer a variety of group classes in different styles of dance, Country Western, Latin, Ballroom, Social Dance, and more.
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Our Packages

Souk Dance Studio Packages 

We have two main types of packages at Souk Dance Studio. Souk VIP Dancer Packages and Souk Group-Only Dancer Packages.

Western Dance Academy
Dance Academy

The Souk VIP Dancer Packages

This is the best option to learn how to dance since these packages include private lessons, Group classes, and Practice Parties. Private Lessons are all about you and your goals, Our Instructors will customize your dance program to make sure you reach your goals all in a fun way. Group classes are a great way to better your lead and follow, learn new moves & technique, and practice alongside other students.

In these packages, you will get access to special group classes (that only Souk VIP Dancers Package holders can attend) and all the group classes that come with the Souk Group-Only Dancer Packages. Practice parties are a great way to practice dancing before you hit the real world. It gives you the ability to learn floor craft and move around the dance floor with more confidence.

The Souk Group-Only Dancer Packages

These Packages include a variety of Group Classes that you can choose from each in a different style of dance. Group Classes are a great way to better your lead and follow, learn new dance, moves and technique, and practice alongside other students.

Souk Dance Studio

How We Help You Have Fun Through Dance

Learn New Dances
for Weddings

Whether you’re part of the wedding party or you’re just hoping to strut your stuff at the reception, Souk can help you learn many classic, new, and popular dances.

Expert Dance

All of our instructors love to be here and are passionate about dancing. Souk prides itself on staffing excellent people who know the value of fun, education, and dance.

Private  & Group Classes Instruction

We offer both private lessons and group classes that serve a variety of needs, all in a Safe accepting environment that’s fun and educational.

Dance Competitively
and Showcases

Brush up on your dancing, learn new dances, technique and work with our instructors for upcoming dance competitions across the states and the world!

Dance Classes That
Connect People 

All dance classes at Souk Dance Studio are designed to bring people together and brighten your day.


Show off your moves, learn some new dances, and party with us in a safe social space that’s fun and exciting.

Souk Dance Calendar

Souk Dance Studio Class Schedule

We host a number of exciting events all year long, and we’d love for you to join.
Check out our calendar below to stay in the loop.

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Ready To Join Our Dance Family?

We want you to be a part of our dance family! Come on in and join in the dance. Our studio is inclusive, accepting, and open to anyone. Give us a call, check out the studio, or click the button below to learn more.

Group Dance Classes
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