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A Dance Studio That Cares About Making people Happy

We want you here! Souk Dance Studio is a place to get excited, take that first dance lesson, or join a group. We want you to feel at ease — while many people get nervous in public or feel as though they might have two left feet, we want to assure you that anyone and everyone can dance. At Souk, we promise to make dancing easy, simple, and fun.

Our instructors encourage growth, positivity, and excitement. We know that dancing improves one’s overall lifestyle. By joining our dance family, you can rest assured that you are part of a community that encourages positivity and sociability. Whether you’re learning a new dance for date night or just for yourself, we have it all.

Our goal

Philosophy of Souk Dance Studio

Our goal is to make people happy. We are a safe and inclusive place where anyone from all walks of life can come in and feel safe, seen, and heard. Learning how to dance is valuable, and we want to pass on that value to our customers in order to enrich their lives. We believe dancing is the key to happiness. Dancing can improve your overall lifestyle mentally, physically, and socially.

Your Private Dance Lesson

At Souk Dance Studio we pride ourselves on being our students’ happy place. To dance is to feel joy and we will teach you how to dance and get lost in the moment to your favorite music. 

Come Join us today at Souk to be a part of our Dance Family.


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We want you here! Join us today and become a part of the dance family, a community of people that loves to learn and have fun. Give us a call today or click the button below to start dancing.

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